Monday, December 1, 2008

SNOW!! hehe

Look what fun we had today!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

While this economy isn't any better

My unemployment finally came through! I am so happy! We will be just fine for the next few months, then tax time comes, then Art Show season is back. Plus I now get to spend some much needed time with all the men in my life! I am feeling better overall as well, which is hasn't been there for a few months.

This week/weekend is going to be a busy one all around. I have to work everyday in the studio and with the snow, it seems like a good idea. However, I did promise Boston that we could go build a snowman tomorrow! He face lit right now, it was the best thing ever. Today we found boots for both of my boys for 14.00 total! Payless is really a great place for children's shoes.

Thursday night is the Uptown Holiday Shop Hop from 4pm-9pm. Friday is UICA from 5pm-9pm. Saturday is UICA from 10:00am - 5pm. Plus I will be at a show in Rockford on Saturday for my Uppercase Living, at the Methodist Church.

Next week I am going to Lansing to visit a friend and put some UL up in her house, can't wait to see what it looks like!

Alright, it's time for bed!

LOVE to all!

Monday, November 24, 2008

The last few weeks of Shows

The last few weeks of shows have been completely hit or miss, mostly miss.....When will the economy in MI get any better? Butch has finally sold more than 1 journal at the shows!! YAY! Sold a total of 13 on Saturday at two different shows!
The candles are going, but they always go.......who doesn't like Caramel Apple Cider votive candles for 1.25 a piece? Not very many, that's who.....

Dad has pieces in Traverse City at the Crooked Tree Arts Center for their Holiday show. Hopefully that will be good.

UICA is coming up on December 5-6th. If you are in GR stop down. I won't be there, I'll be in Rockford at the Methodist Church.

With Thanksgiving coming up, all we can think about is Christmas and how we are going to pay for presents, even small ones, with both of us unemployed so to speak. Oh well at least that we will be together. I am thankful for that!

Love to all!

Monday, November 10, 2008

from Oregon with Love

Well I am sitting in a coffee shop (a awesome little shop, they serve home brew too!) in Hood River, Oregon at 7:27am, with family that I haven't seen in almost 4 years! It's brother, sil and new baby neice live here. Gosh it's beautiful, and it's been foggy the 4 days that I have been here.
I was a surprise to everyone, well mostly everyone. My grandma was greatly surprised. We got to my brother's house Friday night and he came out to help grandma inside and Ramsey and I peeked around my brother's surprise! It was priceless....he was so excited, as was I.
Photos to come once I get to Grand Rapids on Thursday night.
So after tonight, it'll just be Jamie, Anna and Aneka for three days! I wish that Butch and Boston could've come with us, but flights aren't cheap!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Back to Work....Sort of

In the last two weeks that I have had off, I became an Uppercase Living Demonstator, my brother and sister-in-law had thier baby! Aneka Elizabeth on October 8th, she is B-E-A-utiful! I hosted a House Party on Saturday night, it was the Picollini Barilla House Party. Such fun!!
I made Crab Pesto with Onion and Garlic, Grape Tomato's and Corn, Artichokes and Ham, and a Barilla Marinara Sauce. We also had homemade garlic bread. 11 of our friends came to enjoy the food and wine. A great time was had by all!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Boston and Ramsey ~ Summer 2008

This was just a great picture of my boys from the Zoo this summer.

Well here goes....

On Thursday October 2, I went to work like any other day of my 2.5 days a week, and there was a meeting request from the VP of HR, for just me. "Oh man, that can't be good!" Turns out it wasn't, my position was eliminated. Along with 19 others from the Administrative side of the hospital, from VP's down to me. Sucks, I tell ya! After crying and yelling, I have calmed down to realize that well I finally have those "precious two years of experience in an office" that everyone wants on my resume now. So with 4 weeks of pay still coming, (with no deductions coming out) I am not going to stress, but instead get a kick ass resume together and start applying next week. I deserve a week of vacay....really I do.

Since we moved to our new house, which is really fantastic btw (that's a whole other blog with pics), I have been working my tail off making candles and scarves. We have been doing market every Sunday. and since I was there for the third year, I am now on the committee. WOOHOO! Artist Relations, baby! Not really sure what that means, but that's my title.

I am also starting a new business I am going to be a UL demonstrator.
if you want to get something let me know, I'll order it for you! It's really cool stuff!

Plus there is always my if you want something and you say you saw this from my blog you can get free shipping.

So this blogging thing is all new to me, but since I am off for a bit, I thought I'll make some new contacts and figure it out!

Peace out!