Monday, November 24, 2008

The last few weeks of Shows

The last few weeks of shows have been completely hit or miss, mostly miss.....When will the economy in MI get any better? Butch has finally sold more than 1 journal at the shows!! YAY! Sold a total of 13 on Saturday at two different shows!
The candles are going, but they always go.......who doesn't like Caramel Apple Cider votive candles for 1.25 a piece? Not very many, that's who.....

Dad has pieces in Traverse City at the Crooked Tree Arts Center for their Holiday show. Hopefully that will be good.

UICA is coming up on December 5-6th. If you are in GR stop down. I won't be there, I'll be in Rockford at the Methodist Church.

With Thanksgiving coming up, all we can think about is Christmas and how we are going to pay for presents, even small ones, with both of us unemployed so to speak. Oh well at least that we will be together. I am thankful for that!

Love to all!