Tuesday, April 26, 2016


Sometimes I really wish I had friends. Friends that really cared about me. I mean I have friends, but not ones that call or text just to say hi, or to invite me to go out. Especially to go out. I have friends online that I can talk to, but noone close.
Tonight I wanted to go to a playoff hockey game, but no one in my family wanted to go.  I sat and thought and I have absolutely no one that I could call to go with me.  I wish I had one person I could call.
I have given up. They have given up on me. I know they have. I used to show up and then life happened and got in the way.  I think my depression is rearing it's ugly head. I think Butch is depressed too, but he won't ever admit it.  We don't go out, we don't have friends.  We have each other and most of the times that's enough, but sometimes I wish I had friends.