Saturday, October 4, 2008

Boston and Ramsey ~ Summer 2008

This was just a great picture of my boys from the Zoo this summer.

Well here goes....

On Thursday October 2, I went to work like any other day of my 2.5 days a week, and there was a meeting request from the VP of HR, for just me. "Oh man, that can't be good!" Turns out it wasn't, my position was eliminated. Along with 19 others from the Administrative side of the hospital, from VP's down to me. Sucks, I tell ya! After crying and yelling, I have calmed down to realize that well I finally have those "precious two years of experience in an office" that everyone wants on my resume now. So with 4 weeks of pay still coming, (with no deductions coming out) I am not going to stress, but instead get a kick ass resume together and start applying next week. I deserve a week of vacay....really I do.

Since we moved to our new house, which is really fantastic btw (that's a whole other blog with pics), I have been working my tail off making candles and scarves. We have been doing market every Sunday. and since I was there for the third year, I am now on the committee. WOOHOO! Artist Relations, baby! Not really sure what that means, but that's my title.

I am also starting a new business I am going to be a UL demonstrator.
if you want to get something let me know, I'll order it for you! It's really cool stuff!

Plus there is always my if you want something and you say you saw this from my blog you can get free shipping.

So this blogging thing is all new to me, but since I am off for a bit, I thought I'll make some new contacts and figure it out!

Peace out!