Monday, November 10, 2008

from Oregon with Love

Well I am sitting in a coffee shop (a awesome little shop, they serve home brew too!) in Hood River, Oregon at 7:27am, with family that I haven't seen in almost 4 years! It's brother, sil and new baby neice live here. Gosh it's beautiful, and it's been foggy the 4 days that I have been here.
I was a surprise to everyone, well mostly everyone. My grandma was greatly surprised. We got to my brother's house Friday night and he came out to help grandma inside and Ramsey and I peeked around my brother's surprise! It was priceless....he was so excited, as was I.
Photos to come once I get to Grand Rapids on Thursday night.
So after tonight, it'll just be Jamie, Anna and Aneka for three days! I wish that Butch and Boston could've come with us, but flights aren't cheap!